IR1C l'acqua è vita....

TO BE "Old Man"

Hi Born July 1945. I obtained my radio licence in 1973, with the "call" I1VGC, my activity was very intense, and it privileged “DX” communications. Unfortunately, in 1980 I was forced to interrupt my activity for personal reasons, but I restarted with the same enthusiastic attitude in 1982, with the new “call” IKIAPO. During these years I devoted myself to the study and the design of any kind of new antenna, as well as to a further in-depth analysis regarding digital systems, in relation to the strong passion for long distances connection, all that every “OM” could desire. What I regret, is leaving out the use of telegraphy, which I studied so passionately, and which was essential in order to obtain the licence of “Radio amateur Service”. My aim is to retake all the things I forgot, and maybe this could also be an invitation, for the people who will read my words, to discover, or rediscover, the classic Tatitati-Tatatità.

As for many other situations, sooner or later, that feeling of “stagnation” arrives, and the strongest desire is either to interrupt, to stop, or to maintain the continuity of our strong passion. As for me, I have always tried to find new young “CB” willing to follow my lead, eager to know something more about the word “Old Man”, and to listen to my experience and knowledge. Some of them, managed to enter with success “our” world, and, of course, it is always worth trying. In this period of “stagnation”, I have also constantly attended seminars and meetings of various religious bodies, in order to better understand the different sets of problems and needs of missionaries and laic voluntary associations, in particular concerning Africa and South America. Thanks to these numerous meetings, I have found out that the main problem of communication among the various missions, seemed to be very complicated: satellite systems and shortwave transmissions were hard to employ, and also very expensive.

In 1992, after seeing out the first project in the Republic of Central Africa, to deliver and install a 40 kw engine generator, and to accomplish other technical interventions, I was asked to organize a second project, aimed to solve the problem regarding radio communications among the missions in the Republic of Central Africa.

My previous travel made me realize that the missions owned shortwave two-channel RX, double frequency in civil band , very expensive and almost all of them out of order, because of the complex employment, and the lack of maintenance. In other missions, I found equipments of lower power, with frequency of 27 Mhz., or useless portable equipments in VHF band. It is possible that, in the past, relatives and friends had donated these equipments with good intentions; however, it is evident that installation and maintenance have been carried out by hurried and inexperienced visitors.

Thanks to a strong commitment and the help of valid OM friends, we have developed a project taking into consideration the area, as well as the people who had to use the new equipments, and different systems of antenna, such as dipoles for civil band, 7,550/4,550 MHZ, these are the frequencies licensed to the missions , other than the VHF system, with its VHF links, in order to cover long distances.

As for the transmissions, RTX had to be of the same brand and prototype, so the choice was to use Kenwood RTX, model TS 450, and later on model TS 570.

This is one of my characteristics: to be a volunteer who also looks for a “sponsor”, and I use this occasion to mention the help coming from Roma/Farnesina, by doc. Deodato from the Foreign Ministry. Thanks to his generous donation, he provided all the necessary equipment for the project, which was overloaded on a ship going to Douala harbor, Cameroun, to continue the long travel until the final destination: the north of the Republic of Central Africa.

With this donation, about ten directional antennas have been obtained, as well as about ten modem “Paktor”, which are still perfectly working today. Each mission has a regular radio licence with its related “call TL8”, as well as the licence for the use of civil band frequencie.

The supply of Repeaters, antennas and mobile and portable equipment in VHF band, has been offered by companies established in Genova and in the region of Piemonte.

I want to thank my friend, our friend and colleague "OLD MAN", IK1DQG Pino Pastine from Santa Margherita Ligure, who, for many years in the past, and still today, devotes many and many hours, at day and night, offering his availability to teach how to use the radio equipment by air, and for the learning of the sophisticated modem “Paktor”. In such a way, the system has guaranteed both the certainty in the transmissions, and lack of those frequencies from communications not pertinent to the radio service.

My dear OM friends, the new technologies, such as internet and satellite telephones, are certainly undermining our “hobby”; maybe, as many people say, an elitist “hobby”. Yet, if the radio is used in a clever way, situations such as the one you are reading now, can be created, and this means that there is still room for us.

There are a lot of missionaries, in Africa as well as in other parts of the world, with insufficient financial means, where it is impossible to access the satellite communications. They can guarantee certainty regarding the connection, but I want to stress the fact that many religious people, in desolate lands, have a directional antenna at their disposal, a RTX constantly tuned on our frequencies, and they are secure, as we are willing and helpful to assist them at any time.

I also would like to mention that to be a volunteer is not so easy. There are many and many obstacles, in particular in those specific situations of humanitarian assistance, the so called “assistance for the third world”: big “pachyderms” moving huge sums of money in order to plan big projects, which often are not even followed out, and without a clear report. It is necessary to embrace smaller project, in order to achieve the predetermined goal.

I hope that the attentive reader could take the cue from my report, and that he, or she, could create his, or her, own story, not necessarily in Africa…and also that this reader could even confirm that to be an “OLD MAN” is a privilege.

Finally, I want to thank the Ministry of Telecommunications, which has allowed the call “IR1CCL”, used by the radio station at the monastery San Bernardino in Genova, with a strong sensitivity towards the holy order of the monks of Genova, and in particular towards all the missionaries, including volunteers and other religious orders of the Republic of Central Africa.

73” to all Amateurs IK1APO/TL8CG Gianni



TL8CG. First adventure in Central African Republic until 1960 called "Ubanghì Shari".

One day, I do not remember when, I2ZGC, "OM" by the name of Gianni, in a long QSO, I think in 20 meters, between his city Cerro al Lambro, a small village south of the Central African Republic, where at that time I was, asked me to tell for some adventure written by me in my travels lived in those lands forgotten as a lay missionary on behalf of the Capuchin Friars of Genova.I was rather confused, it is not easy for a person like me to be able to convey the emotion I felt at seeing desperation and at the same time, the serenity and hope of the people battered by war, famine, and not least by exploitation.Ok "I2ZGC" I thought (perhaps too) are now ponto to tell this story.

RCA 1992

It all started reading about SecoloXIX, newspaper of Genoa, a request for assistance launched by the Provincial Minister of the Capuchin Friars of Genoa: Father Vittore Ghilardi.Himself explained how it was vital to provide a generator a small clinic in northern territory, namely the mission of Ndim the border with Chad (TT8) Nuns order off Misericordia(Genoa) "Big! sister: Nuns Rosanna,Nuns Giovanna,Nuns Assunta,new for the children in Romania, and the friars themselves. dispensary This was and is the only point of reference for a vast territory with regard to health care, especially for sick children and not alone and it was necessary to take advantage of "LIGHT" least from 19.00 until 21.00.

The timid aid application affected me a lot and I tried to help himself with a port door and also reaching out successfully the head of the company I worked for.

In a short time I picked 20,000$ ,figure which needed to be able to buy the generator of 40 kw and all the necessary accessories for installation.

Together with the group I sent radio equipment, antennas, cables, and all he could serve the mission to communicate with other missions scattered in the bush and in the forest, and the installation of a directional antenna directed towards the Monastery of San Bernardino di Genova where radio station IR1CCL.

At the invitation of Father Vittore left for Africa, with my good friend Luca, sadly no longer with us, to install all these devices to obtain, directly from the Ministry of Telecommunications to the capital Bangui, the call TL8CG and with it the permission to transmit from that country and so also begin my adventure radioantistica from Centrafica.

I will never forget the moment when, after the long journey of the material and the time required for installation, finally lit the generator, the "light." May the joy and emotion of the Sisters of the Friars and guests of the dispensary fù so great that I paid off all the hard work, made me forget the fear of the danger of the area and it seemed even less strong nostalgia for my family.

Montai also two radio links in VHF so that different missions were able to keep in touch with each other.

During your stay in the few quiet moments, I managed with great excitement to launch the first cq, cq TL8CG Call! Obtaining responses from all over the globe and struggling not just to satisfy everyone.

Turning length and breadth of the country took note of the many problems and needs of the various missions all without electricity, solar panels, and especially of supply of drinking water leading cause of serious illness and death in the population.

After the first trip, many others followed, installing antennas and other radio equipment in the various missions of the Capuchins and other Sisters,ecc,ecc.

On the eve of his departure for the return, we were asked by the Minister Provincial, if we had some fears to take with us in Genoa, a girl of about nine years old, very sick, in need of admission to the hospital Galliera, but undocumented for 'arrival in Italy.

This girl called Justine, had a large belly due to a demolition and then a life expectancy of almost nothing for the difficult surgery that would subire.Il his appearance had created many problems for his family, because 'the people of the village, biased in the sorcerer, the emarginava believing possessed by spirits maligni.Conosciuta we accepted the situation without delay and thus began a return to say the least adventurous.

Dawn with a pickup load of various household goods, we left Ndim to the capital Bangui, Luca and I, sitting outside at the mercy of possible bullets "wandering" and the red dust, Justine inside along with Sister Assunta his companion and to Father Vittore.

During the many hours of travel were many astonished looks of the numerous military checkpoints arranged to see us that way, we (mungiu ') white exterior and a "black girl" sitting comfortably inside, even though my preoccupation was also to protect the red dust my trusty Kenwood Ts 450.

After an overnight stop at the Mission center in Bangui, finally board the Air France flight (flight weekly) capacity 450 seats always full.

The look of Justine at the sight of the plane was very scared, maybe they had seen someone in some crumpled figure in the mission of Ndim.

After the careful control of soldiers in battle and some snag due to my Ts450 (hitch topped with a hefty tip!) Finally in Paris late at night after 10 hours of volo.Un bit of fear to control immigration are aware thatwe were committing the crime of illegal immigration, but overcome fears hiding the child in me and Luke saw our big body types!.

Finally in Genoa Galliera Hospital, intervention Prof.De Martini and his team of Justine perfectly succeeded, after his convalescence at the Sisters of Mercy, the child returned to his home (a thatched hut wet) but his house, between the his family .

The mission of Ndim, thanks to radio and antenna Directive, Sister Assunta, Sister Giovanna and Sister Rosanna tell me that Justine is fine, greets us grateful.New like the other girls.

It has been about 18 years with 12 trips full of emotions and adventures always pay my work: radio, antennas, radio and other equipment.

In Centrafica during these 12 trips there have been three coups, many radio stolen by Zarghina, military in disarray all armed with Kalashmikov, one of them is playing a barrage on the three elements of the mission of Bocaranga, a threat to the Friars for take delivery of the Trx Kenwood knowing that these devices work in unison which continues to serve their guerrilla operations.

2010 "Happy" Children

We are talking diploma "Award IR1C"

Going from village to village, I saw children, women and old men walking along also 30km to fill buckets of rusty water (I do not think drinking) at some puddles.

I believe that awareness of the world of Amateur Radio in offering the parchment "Award" in exchange for a contribution required to collect the sufficient amount to the construction of a well for the extraction of drinking water in a village in the "bush" is a gesture that will surely will not save 'Africa but will take' a little 'health to these poor people.

Thanks to the great prtecipazione and sensitivity of many radio amateurs, the well was delivered to the people of the village of Ngoutèrè RCA.




TL8CG. Prima avventura nella Repubblica Centraficana chiamata fino al 1960 Ubanghì Sharì.

Un giorno,non ricordo quando, I2ZGC,"OM" di nome Gianni,in un lungo qso, penso in 20 metri, tra la sua città Cerro al Lambro e un piccolo villaggio a sud della Repubblica Centrafricana,dove in quel periodo mi trovavo,mi propose di raccontare per scritto qualche avventura da me vissuta nei miei viaggi in quelle terre dimenticate come missionario laico per conto dei Frati Cappuccini di Genova.Rimasi piuttosto confuso,non è facile per una persona come me riuscire a trasmettere l'emozione provata nel vedere tanta disperazione e nello stesso tempo la serenità e speranza di quel popolo martoriato dalle guerre,carestie e non per ultimo dagli sfruttamenti.Ok "I2ZGC",ci ho pensato (forse troppo) adesso sono ponto a raccontare questa storia.

RCA 1992

Tutto iniziò leggendo sul SecoloXIX,quotidiano di Genova,una richiesta di aiuto lanciata dall’allora Ministro Provinciale dei Frati Cappuccini di Genova:Padre Vittore Ghilardi.Lui spiegava di come fosse di vitale importanza poter fornire di un gruppo elettrogeno un piccolo dispensario del nord del territorio e precisamente la missione di Ndim al confine con il Chad (TT8) delle Suore Della Misericordia di Genova,"Grandi Suore" Suor.Rosanna,Suor.Giovanna,e Suor Assunta,ora per i bambini in Romania, e dai Frati stessi .Questo dispensario era ed è l’unico punto di riferimento di un vastissimo territorio per quanto riguarda l’assistenza sanitaria specialmente per bambini ammalati e non solo ed era necessario poter usufruire della LUCE almeno dalle ore 19,00 fino alle ore 21.00.

La timida domanda d’aiuto mi colpì tantissimo e cercai aiuto personalmente con un porta porta ed inoltre coinvolgendo con successo anche i vertici dell’azienda per cui lavoravo.

In poco tempo raccolsi 15.000.000 di lire cifra più che necessaria per poter acquistare il gruppo elettrogeno da 40 kw e tutti gli accessori necessari alla sua installazione.

Unitamente al gruppo inviai apparecchiature radio,antenne,cavi e tutto quello che poteva servire alla missione per comunicare con altre missioni sparse nella brousse e nella foresta,oltre all'installazione di una antenna direttiva orientata verso il Convento di San Bernardino di Genova dove si trova la stazione radio IR1CCL.

Su invito di Padre Vittore partii per l’Africa,con il mio grande amico Luca, purtroppo non più tra noi, per installare tutte queste apparecchiature ottenendo,direttamente dal Ministero delle Telecomunicazioni alla capitale Bangui,il nominativo TL8CG e con esso il permesso di trasmettere da quel paese e iniziare così anche la mia avventura radioantistica dal Centrafica.

Non dimenticherò mai il momento in cui,dopo il lungo viaggio del materiale e il tempo necessario per l’installazione,accendemmo finalmente il gruppo elettrogeno, la “LUCE”.La gioia e la commozione delle Suore,dei Frati e degli ospiti del dispensario fù talmente grande che mi ripagò di tutte le fatiche,mi fece dimenticare la paura per la pericolosità del territorio e mi sembrò meno forte anche la nostalgia per la mia famiglia.

Montai anche due ponti radio in VHF in modo che diverse missioni furono in grado di tenersi sempre in contatto tra loro.

Durante il soggiorno,nei pochi momenti tranquilli,riuscii con grande emozione a lanciare i primi cq,cq TL8CG Chiama!!! Ottenendo risposte da tutto il globo e faticando non poco a soddisfare tutti.

Girando in lungo e largo il paese presi nota dei tanti problemi e delle necessità delle varie missioni tutte prive di elettricità,pannelli solari e soprattutto di approvigionamento di acqua potabile causa principale di gravi malattie e di morte nella popolazione.

Dopo il primo viaggio,tanti altri ne seguirono,installando altre antenne e apparecchiature radio nelle varie missioni dei Cappuccini e di altri religiosi/e.

Alla vigilia della partenza per il ritorno,ci fu chiesto dal Ministro Provinciale,se avevamo dei timori a portare con noi a Genova una bimba di circa nove anni,molto ammalata,bisognosa di ricovero presso l’ospedale Galliera,ma priva di documenti per l’ingresso in Italia.

Questa bambina di nome Justine,aveva un grande pancione dovuto ad uno sventramento e quindi una aspettativa di vita quasi nulla per il difficile intervento che avrebbe dovuto subire.Il suo aspetto aveva creato non pochi problemi alla sua famiglia,poiche’ la gente del villaggio,suggestionata dallo stregone,la emarginava credendola posseduta dagli spiriti maligni.Conosciuta la situazione accettammo senza indugio e cominciò così un rientro a dir poco avventuroso.

All’alba con un Pickup carico di masserizie varie,partimmo da Ndim verso la capitale Bangui,io e Luca,seduti all’esterno alla mercè di possibili pallottole”vaganti”e della polvere rossa,Justine all’interno insieme a Suor Assunta sua accompagnatrice e a Padre Vittore.

Durante le tante ore di viaggio furono molti gli sguardi stupiti dei militari ai numerosi posti di blocco nel vederci sistemati in quel modo; noi (mangiu’) bianchi all’esterno e una “negretta” seduta comodamente dentro,anche se la mia preocupazione era stata anche quella di proteggere dalla polvere rossa il mio fido Kenwood Ts 450.

Dopo una notte di sosta al Centro di accoglienza di Bangui,finalmente l’imbarco sul volo Air France (volo settimanale) capienza 450 posti sempre completo.

Lo sguardo di Justine alla vista dell’aereo era molto spaventato,forse ne aveva visto qualcuno in qualche figurina sgualcita alla missione di Ndim.

Dopo l’accurato controllo di militari in assetto di guerra e qualche intoppo dovuto al mio Ts450 (intoppo superato con una lauta mancia!!!)finalmente a Parigi a notte fonda dopo 10 ore di volo.Un po di paura al controllo immigrazione consci che stavamo commettendo il reato di immigrazione clandestina,ma timori superati nascondendo la bambina tra me e Luca visto le nostre grosse corporature!.

Finalmente a Genova,Ospedale Galliera,intervento del Prof.De Martini e della sua equipe su Justine perfettamente riuscito,dopo la convalescenza presso le Suore della Misericordia,la bimba rientra a Casa sua (una capanna di paglia umida) ma casa sua, tra la sua famiglia………

Dalla missione di Ndim,grazie alla radio e all'antenna direttiva,Suor Assunta,Suor Giovanna,e Suor Rosanna mi comunicano che Justine sta bene,ci saluta riconoscente.Adesso è come le altre bimbe.

Sono passati circa 18 anni con altri 12 viaggi pieni di emozioni e di avventure sempre a prestare la mia opera:ponti radio,antenne,radio e altre installazioni.

In Centrafica durante questi 12 viaggi ci sono stati tre colpi di stato,molte radio trafugate dai Zarghina,militari allo sbando armati tutti con dei Kalashmikov, da uno di questi è partita una raffica sulla tre elementi della missione di Bocaranga ,una minaccia ai Frati per farsi consegnare i Trx Kenwood sapendo che questi apparati lavorano in sintonia continua per cui utili alle loro operazioni di guerriglia.

Grazie per aver letto.


2010 Repubblica Centrafricana

Passando da villaggio in villaggio ho visto bambini,donne e vecchi che percorrono a piedi anche 30km per riempire secchi arruginiti di acqua (non penso potabile) presso qualche pozzanghera.

Credo,che sensibilizzare il mondo dei Radioamatori nell’offrire la pergamena del diploma in cambio di un contributo necessario a raccogliere la cifra sufficiente alla costruzione di un pozzo per l’estrazione di acqua potabile in un villaggio della “brousse” sia un gesto che sicuramente non salvera’ l’Africa ma portera’ un po’ di salute a questa povera gente

2011 Ungoutere (Rca).Grazie a tanti Radioamatori Italiani e del mondo sono pervenute offerte per circa 12,500 Euro,il costo "esclusivamente" per la costruzione del "pozzo" è stato di Euro 15,500,la differenza di 3.000 Euro, è stata versata dalla Procura delle Missioni dei Frati Cappuccini di Genova.

Grazie a Voi tutti Gianni, Genova



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